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Hi, I'm your Tio Joe

Recuerdas me? I am that relative everyone in the family is always talking about and who had to emigrate to the US to work there. Years later, I’ve just returned to the village to tell you a thousand stories and prepare those dishes that I learned during all this time, with the rustic touch of my Mediterranean roots. Do you remember when you went to the town to visit me and we all the family joined in those huge tables? Home slippers, crochet rugs, summer friends, wood kitchen and farm tools .. what memories!

I have only one way of understanding cuisine: a mix of traditional and current techniques, an extremely careful preparation, without unnecessary ornaments; I know the origin of my ingredients and I get absolutely involved in production, because that’s my way of taking care of my amigos and guests as if they were my family.

My kitchen’s secret formula: top and seasonal quality ingredients, homemade cooking and, above all, familiar treatment. There are no more secrets, #palabradetiojoe.

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Although when I'm serving you I'm fast, I'm slow in the making. A good ejemplo of the importance of time in my home cooking is the 9 hours of cooking at low temperature that I dedicate to wild boar ribs, or the 4 hours it takes me to make my homemade broth, or the 30/40 days I keep the old beef from my burgers drying on a walk-in freezer to raise them to a higher level.

Like in any other house, I prepare the best productos I find in the market, those at their ideal moment, so it’s usual to find organic and seasonal products in dishes out of the menu, ask me about them!

4 hours

9 hours

30/40 days

Cocinando en Tio Joe

Restaurant for your events and groups

I love to receive you at my home, organize fiestas and workshops, so you can have a great time. If you are one of that companies that want to feel like home at networking events and surprise your staff in a rustic environment without leaving the city, call me and we will organize a different event; Tio Joe will be by your side to help, you can also write me and I will answer right away. A big hug.




I climb the mountain, close my eyes, breathe deeply, smell eucalyptus, pine cones and moss, the sun hits my face, I bend down to touch the ground with my hands... I'm rustic, I have a great respect for the environment, animals, traditions, farmers and ranchers, the countryside, family and friends. So I need to act accordingly, be eco-responsible, help the community and try to communicate my values ​​to my nephews. I drive an electric car, I recycle, I use compostable materials, seasonal and local ingredients as much as possible. I try to go to the origin of my ingredients, and I’m concerned about things like how my cows live, or where the flour of my bread come from.

I promote family and friends meals to avoid an exclusively social networks living. I try not to lose traditions in an increasingly digitalized society that finds it hard to look back to the past and learn from it. I organize training workshops to help create a better catering culture for employees and entrepreneurs.

Family friendly restaurant

I enjoy when children come to visit me and I want them and the whole family to feel comfortable. On Saturdays and Sundays, around noon, the children can use the toys they will find in the stable of the restaurant. These days an animator will come as a support to lend you a hand. Besides, if you want to celebrate your children's birthday with me, in the afternoons we can prepare your party after school to surprise your friends. Call us and book!

We choose the ingredientes at their best moment, do not miss the seasonal dishes!



Where is my home

I’m waiting for you at home and the burgers are in the griddle, don’t be late!

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We are open every day, 12 to 16 and 20 to 24 pm.
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